How to hang a hammock indoor

2016-06-29 12:01:27  

Do you how to hang a hammock inside? This is actually very easy to accomplish. I’ve been using large metal eye bolts for years, but there are also hanging kits specifically made for hammocks.

The process is straightforward:
Measure the distance inside your room (wall to wall)
Use the hang calculator to determine the hang point
Locate the wall stud
Drill the holes
Insert the eye bolt (or other hardware)

Materials Needed
 Measuring tape
 Stud finder (you can also use a nail and hammer a series of holes until you find the stud edges and measure for the center)
Hammock Hang Calculator
Eye bolts (or hanging kit)
1Drill with drill bit
If you are installing a single hardware piece like the eye bolt, be sure to drill the hole in the center of the stud.
The minimum hang distance for a hammock, generally speaking, is about 9 ft (2.7 m), but much depends on what hammock you have. A lot of bedrooms are built with 10 or 12 ft (3 to 3.6 m) floor space, but if you have a small room, you could also go diagonally across a room for more distance.
Wall studs are easily found on corners or around window frames, but using a stud finder or using the nail method are good ways to make sure you are drilling or installing in the right place.
One the hardware is installed, hang your hammock! I use various hardware pieces I’ve collected over the years, including large steel S-hooks, steel carabiners, and even short lengths of chain. The chain is a nice because it provides variable hang points every few inches.
I also often use a short length of webbing that I hook on to the eye bolt and then use the Becket Hitch to tie off the hammock. This is a traditional method used in South America.