Hammock stand is made of some of the strongest materials in the industry

2016-04-11 16:45:13  
Hammock stand provides the ultimate relaxation whether you are on a camping trip with your family or simply enjoying the sun in your backyard.
Hammock stand is made of some of the strongest materials in the industry, thus providing ultimate durability. This hammock stand can be assembled easily without the use of any tools and you’ll be able to assemble it in minutes. It has a baked enamel finish that protects it from scratches and rusting and has a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds.
2″ diameter 12 gauge steel poles for optimum stability
Sturdy metal frame which prevents bending after prolonged use
2 zinc-plated hooks
Measures 15 feet in length and 4 feet in width to accommodate up to 13 foot hammocks
Can support up to two persons in dual hammocks
Can be easily assembled through spring pins
Has a textured powder finish to protect the steel from rust
The good
Looking at the features of this hammock stand, it is easy to see why this unit is so great. First, the Hatteras hammock stand is made of durable metal, which eliminates any kind of worry about falling over or getting the stand bent because of weight. Its easy-to-assemble feature makes this unit easy to transport and set up anywhere you please. You can set it up right after you set foot on the beach, the camp ground, or at any other location for that matter.
Because the stand measures 15 feet, you can hook dual hammocks up to 13 feet in length. The hammock stand can support up to two persons, or one adult and two kids. The special coating guarantees that you’ll be able to enjoy your Hatteras tri-beam hammock stand for a long time.
The patented 360 degree right connection weld technology is the secret of the stability of this hammock stand’s footing. Hatteras has been using this technology on their products for years and its one of the most effective on the market.
Never will you have issues with this stand when it comes to usability and functionality. The sleekness of this hammock stand’s design makes it very ergonomic and this unit is compatible with Hatteras hammocks as well as hammocks from competing brands.The bad
Like most products, hammock stand is not a perfect and it would be wise to look at some of this unit’s disadvantages.
It has been reported that some units have been delivered without the necessary hooks. If you’re not a handy type of person, you might experience difficulties when hanging your hammock. Nevertheless, this should not be a problem if you already have some hooks at home when you purchased your hammock. However, this problem can be fixed by calling Hatteras’s customer service department and asking for the hooks to be delivered.
Another issue with this unit is when you look into the hammock stand closer, you will notice that the welded parts were not painted as carefully as the smooth parts. You may want to take extra precaution and not expose these parts to harsh elements.
Stands joints are reported to wear down quicker than most of their other components, so you may want to limit your movements when you’re using this stand. Furthermore, even though this hammock stand was designed to be space efficient, it may still be too big for some areas due to its large capacity. So if you have limited space, you might need to disassemble this unit before storage.
Our verdict
Despite its few drawbacks, hammock stand is still a great product. It is perfect for people who love to lounge in their hammock without having to worry about installation. Since the product can be easily detached and re-assembled, you can bring it to the beach or to the camp and it provides enough space for two hammocks which is a great feature.